Obsolete World War II Era Detroit Police Badge

This badge is eBay compliant in that it is an obsolete badge, no longer in use by the Detroit Police Department and does not appear similar in appearance to anything used in the Detroit Metropolitan area.

You will be bidding on a WWII era Special Patrolman badge of the Detroit Police Department. Department records indicate the following as to how the badge was used:

"On March 31, 1942, the City of Detroit passed Ordinance 247D establishing a force of special police officers for emergency war duty. These officers were to have the same powers as police officers during a war emergency. T were 2679 applications for the position, with 1727 being rejected for various reasons. The approximately 952 hired were trained, sworn, and assigned to duty. They were paid $1.00 per hour."

High bidder to include $5 for US Priority Mail shipping.