Click to get eBay picture hosting at This is a 1954-S OBW type Bank Wrapped type original unopened shotgun type wheat roll Roll says STANDARD-JOHNSON CO., BROOKLYN, N.Y., a coin wrapping facility for banks and businesses & Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CALIF Both ends are very bright Red Paper is overwrapped with tape (including both ends) Roll is quite tight the roll offered is as shown in the scan, no stock images USA delivery only

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1) Who am I?
I am an ebay power seller with over 17,000 total positives. I have been selling online since 1995. Please .

2) What payments are accepted?
Paypal is accepted and payment is expected within 3 days of sale.

3) When will you ship my item?
Shipment is usually made within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

4) What is the shipping/handling cost?
Buyer pays shipping as stated for a single single auction win.
No deliveries to Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia or former Soviet Republics. In addition no encapsulated (certified slabbed coin) deliveries to China or Italy.
5) Does the s/h change if I win more than one item?
Yes, For single lot coin, typically $0.50 for each additional item won (subject to modification for single lots containing multiple coins or higher value items) .
6) Do you have other
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