This is a RARE MINT CONDITION, ORIGINAL FRAME, ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING on silk canvas by Japanese Marine Artist T.HAGIWARA 1955 of the Steam Ship S.S. PRESIDENT POLK of the PRESIDENT LINE underway .DATED AND SIGNED T.HAGIWARA 1955 YOKOHAMA. Hagiwara is a well known and well listed Pierhead painter, he worked out of Yokohama and would paint portraits of ships to sell to Officers and crews.NO Painter comes close in the exact detail that Hagiwara put into his Ship Portraits ,see photos on the rigging ,superstructure, etc. ,you can also see Mount Fuji and native Japanese craft off stern. President Line ships rarely come up at the big auction houses and they are very desirable , more common workaday cargo ships he did always realize at large auction houses around $500+ you may research this on internet plus the auction houses minium 20% commision! This painting is MINT and an IMPORTANT LARGE CARGO LINER SHIP U.S. COMPANY . I PURCHASED FROM A LARGE AUCTION HOUSE MYSELF SO CANNOT SELL LOWER THAN LISTED,please do not ask.COLORS ARE BRIGHT AND FRESH YOU CANNOT GET A BETTER EXAMPLE HAGIWARA! T maybe flash spots on some photos from my camera and sometimes photos downloaded on ebay blurr this painting has sharp detail ,and if you need email for photos of whatever you want to see. The overall dimensions with frame are 19" inches X 15" inches image ... read more