OCEANA Transferware Wedgwood Seaweed Aesthetic Ca 1882

Nice Wedgwood cup in the Oceana pattern. 4 inches wide from handle tip to rim and 2 inches deep. Sharp, clear seaweed transfers on each side and in the cup's bowl. The cup's handle also has transfer pattern on it. Quite a bit of crackle and some discoloration inside cup and on the bottom but, t are ways to clean this. I will leave it as found. Wedgwood is impressed on the bottom. Bid with confidence and please look at my other auction for more Oceana and keep me bookmarked as I have more coming.

Big opps ! This Wedgwood pattern is not called "Oceana". Got it totaly confused with other pieces I have. I don't know what this pattern is called with all these seaweed transfers but, maybe a little research on a Wedgwood site would find it. I also think that most people ( me included list this as Ca. 1880's to be on the safe side but, in my opinion this Seaweed Wedgwood is quite abit earlier. Sorry for the misinformation on the pattern name.