Oceanic Data Plus 2 - Barely Used

O ceanic Data Plus 2 Nitrox - Like new - barely used. Only used on a few dives.

Data Plus 2 air or nitrox computer is easy to read and user friendly. Two large buttons on the face of the computer allow you to advance and select. Three visual bar graphs give you information critical to your dive at a glance. The bar graph on the left is nitrogen absorption broken down into green for safe no deco limits, yellow caution zone and red decompression zone. This bar graph monitors 12 different nitrogen compartments simultaneously and displays the one that is in control of your dive. The bar graph on the right is oxygen accumulation and represents the maximum of either per dive exposure or 24 hour accumulation. Numeric display will show dive time remaining based on two critical pieces of information: no decompression status and oxygen accumulation. The dive time remaining is based on the more critical of the two. The third bar graph is a variable ascent rate monitor and is located at the top.

Alpha/numeric display for max depth, current depth, temp. and dive time remaining or during decompression dive ceiling stop depth.

Data Plus 2 has Smart Glo, the surface backlight, senses low light intensity and will illuminate for 10 seconds after either button is depressed. Also has altitude adjustment and no fly countdown timer.

Download to IBM compatible PC running windows 95 or 98.

User can replace the battery.

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