October 21,1922 Collier's Weekly Magazine

CONTENTS SQUARE HEADSBy Jonathan Brooks Illustrated by W.B. King MY NEIGHBOR WOODROW WILSON By J.W. Rixey Smith HIS MASTER'S BLOODHOUND By Harry Esty Dounce Illustrated by H.M. Stoops IN THE STRIKE BREAKERS' CAMP By Whiting Williams Illustrated by H.M. Stoops THIS LITTLE FILM WENT TO MARKET By a Producer of Moving Pictures HIGH HURDLES By Joseph Husband Illustrated by M. Leone Bracker UNCLE HENRY ON CASH AND KIPLING TRICKS FOR THE TRADE By Edward H. Smith Illustrated by Douglas Ryan FOLKS HAVE TO HAVE NAMES By W.L. Whittlesey THE HORIZON COVER BY LAUREN HOLMWOOD Be sure and check out my store NOW AND THEN ODDS AND ENDS for more great buys! I try to describe all items I list completely. If I have failed to cover any areas, PLEASE , do not assume anything, be sure and contact me with questions. I am always willing to answer any questions, and also send more pictures if requested. After purchasing,