Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball Long Putter 46" (New)

Brand: Odyssey Model: White Hot Hand: Right Length: 46 Condition: Brand New Price: $189.99 SKU: ODD0103_01 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Condition Guide Brand New: This item is still fresh and prestine from the manufacturer. It has never been used for its purpose in any way. You can rest assured that this item was NOT refurbished or refinished. This is the highest possible rating an item can be rated. Outlet - Open Box: The best rating available for a used- condition product. This means, the item is practically almost brand new. It cannot be sold as a new product as it could have been used as a floor sample. Some slight tears may apparent due to item’s inspections while displayed on the store. Like New: This condition indicates that the item is nearly impossible to distinguish from the new one. The item may have been used for a few times, and shows insignificant signs of wear. To improve the quality, it may have been refinished. Excellent: This condition indicates that the item has been used but it is still in outstanding shape. Upon careful inspections, you may find some tear from slight use. However, good chance is the item will look like one of the recently purchased items. Good: This condition indicates that the item has experienced normal usage. Some natural scratches, marks, and tears may exist. However,
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