OEJ ~ Heroscape Expansion Orm's Return Heroes of Laur

OEJ ~ Heroscape Expansion Orm's Return Heroes of Laur


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Condition: New & selaed. The box has a long, shallow dent on the front. Contents are guaranteed.

Orm's Return is a Large Figure Expansion Set in the HeroScape series.

It was the first Large Hero Expansion for Heroscape, and included the 5 large/huge figures:

Heroes of Laur:

Charos - A huge green Ullar dragon with counterstrike and 9 Life. Su-Bak-Na - A huge skeletal Utgar dragon (and rider) that grants a bonus to all Marro D20 rolls. Brunak - A centaur-like Utgar creature that introduced the Carry ability, allowing it to transport an adjacent figure. Deathwalker 8000 - An Utgar Soulborg with a ranged attack that can keep firing until it stops doing damage. Dünd - An emaciated Vydar wolf creature that can remove all order markers from an enemy.


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