OEJ ~ Pathfinder Battles ~ Rise of the Runelords 62/65 ~ Huge Lamia Harridan

One Eyed Jacques Please scroll down and check the headings below. Most of the questions people ask in emails are answered there.
Condition: Fresh from pack. Unplayed.
Is it new or used?
As of 7/17/15 eBay is forcing us to choose whether our items are listed as "new" or "used". Most of our items are scratch and dent items that don't fit neatly into either category. They are new in the sense that the are not used, are mostly factory sealed and no one has owned them before. However if we check "New" then we can't describe their condition and tell you how they are dented or dinged, so we have to check "Used". Ebay offers a choice to list items as "New Other" in many categories but not in Games. I have repeatedly asked them for this option, but so far they haven't seen fit to give it to us.
OEJ ~ Pathfinder Battles ~ Rise of the Runelords 62/65 ~ Huge Lamia Harridan
EMAIL All emails will be answered on a daily basis. We do not tend email 24/7 so please give us 24 hours or so to respond.


The post office picks up Monday through Friday. Most orders processed within 1 business day.

It is our brand name. It stands for One Eyed Jacques. It allows our cusmers to to easily find us and identify our auctions.
All boxes have dents, dings and/or tears?
Most of the items we


Yes, you may pick up your items in store at 3104 W. Cary St. Richmond VA 23221. PLEASE EMAIL AHEAD OF TIME. You can call us at , but email will guarantee that we pull your item on time. Ebay has no alert feature to tell us that a sold item is an in store pick up, if you don't call or email, we won't know your are coming. Please pay for your auction when you pick it up. We do not have an option to invoice you on ebay with free shipping as a choice. There is a single $2.00 handling charge for a pick up order, no matter how many items you buy.


If you use the shopping cart you will get an automatic shipping discount for multiple purchases. It works well for most of our items. It does not do a very good job with small, light items such as miniatures, where the packaging weighs as much or more as the actual item. You may want to not use the shopping cart and instead request a total in these cases.
Once you pay we can't combine more items with the ones you have already paid for.

All returns must be authorized in advance. If there is a problem, talk to us. PLEASE EMAIL US BEFORE OPENING A CASE! Most of the things we sell are box damaged items. We experienced at this but we don't have x-ray vision. We sell thousands of these items each year and 99.9% of them are just fine inside. Rarely there will be internal damage but, OUR ITEMS ARE GUARANTEED . This means we will take them back for refund or replacement if there is an issue. Please keep in mind, if something is missing or damaged from your board game 99.9% of the time, the manufacturer will replace damaged or missing pieces for free.

Due to changes in eBay and Paypal, we no longer ship internationally.

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