OEJ ~ TrenchZone ~ World War I Boardgame

OEJ ~ TrenchZone ~ World War I Boardgame


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Condition: New & sealed. The box has a very slight corner ding. Contents are guaranteed.

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Across the muddy no-man's land, your troops advance to victory, in this strategic game of attack and counter attack set in the trenches of World War One.
Winning is achieved in two ways, a bloody victory though assaults driving your opponent from one of their trench sectors, or secondly by the eroding of morale from the constant pounding of artillery, gas attacks and machine gun fire on the trenchzone front.
The game encourages a commander to plan strategically, however commanders will have to alter their battle plans as resources become available through placement of cards into a sector or as a result of your opponent’s actions.
After your initial set up of Artillery Positions, Pillboxes, Barbed Wire and Squads, your sectors are reinforced or reduced by your orders or your opponents actions in each sector. It's your choice as the commander
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