OEMTF~The Golfers - Mastiff prints by Wendy Taylor

This auction is sponsored by the Old English Mastiff Trust Foundation (OEMTF). Old English Mastiff Trust Foundation (OEMTF) is dedicated to removing Mastiffs from living conditions w they are treated like livestock. These intact Mastiffs were abused, neglected, overbred, and underfed, and valued only for their litters. By October, 2003, OEMTF removed approximately 75 intact Mastiffs from commercial dog farmers. Estimates say one breeding pair can produce from 43,000 to 67,000 offspring over 10 years. OEMTF is making a difference, interrupting the breeding cycle at the source, and reducing the future burden that would be on Mastiff rescue groups.

Mastiff owners from all over the world donate items to help OEMTF achieve their goal. The monies generated from the sale of items donated to the OEMTF and sold through the good offices of eBay are used to carry out the OEMTF mission and goals. Please read our "About Me" page to learn more about the OEMTF.

A pair of whimsical Mastiff golfers by UK artist Wendy Taylor. A great gift for the golfing enthusiast, or buy the pair to decorate your own walls. The prints measure 15" x 11" and are suitable for framing.

OEMTF is pleased to present one of several beautiful pieces donated to OEMTF by Wendy Taylor. Wendy is a well known, talented artist who captures the spirit
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