OFFICIAL Coca Cola machine with 2 Danbury Coke Cases G scale

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* Entire Description *



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* G scale *

Please see & read description

Miniature Modeling Replica

Brand New 1994 N.O.S. - No Box

Easier packing for Me & Cheaper shipping for You

!!! Officially endorsed & produced Item !!!

Coke machine

With .......

2 'Little Danbury Mint

Coca Cola case s included

NOT a cheap home-made block of wood

This is Officially Coca Cola Company endorsed

Premium Quality Hard Plastic

Features on front are 3-D embossed

Tampo printing Coca Cola logo - ( not decals )

AWESOME detailing !

2 G lued on Miniature 1/ 24 scale Danbury Mint

* Yellow Coke Cases * of bottles are * Included *

Works great with Toy Model cars & Train sets

Arrives totally ready to display

*Notice * Notice * Notice *

Yes, this is the same machine I have listed as 1/18 scale because it happens to fit in just fine with BOTH scale sizes! ~(as my very


THIS unit has

the 1/24 scale Danbury Mint Coke Cases glued on top .....

the other has the TRUE 1/18 scale size cases .

Brand NEW & Waaaaay out of production since 1994

Extremely HARD to find - { if at all }

" Measurements "

3-1/4 " tall x 1-1/2 " wide x 1 " deep

Measurements are inches "


All Other 1/24 scale Accessories shown

Plus ..... Wall Display / Rulers / My Hand

Not implied Not described & thus Not included


Did you LOOK at & enlarge all 5 photos ?

Did 'ya see the " Measurements " ?

Did you READ everything said about THIS item ???

'Cause this is EXACTLY the item you will get !

Shipping Facts

Unlike other sellers.....

Who charge you .50 cents .75 cents even $1. or more for every stinking Bulls*** reason ~

We never charge a Rip-Off phony handling fee !

You always get FREE P acking, B ubble wrap, W arning labels 'n T ape from us

We eat the R idiculous selling fees Ebay & Paypal charges sellers

Annnnnd...... take it to the Post Office for FREE as well .

Bubble wrapped then~

Shipped First Class with tracking # for Only $2.25

" Sorry ~ we can't possible do More for you " ?

Check our

***** SOLID 5 Star *****


No International sales

Paypal only

Notice ~

This is a " Scale Re plica "............. it's Not real for only $ 15

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