This unique handcrafted ceramic creation is the ONLY FDNY "FLAG-RAISING" MUG licensed by the City of New York . It was never widely distributed and has long been out of production, and is tfore VERY RARE!

It's made of double-glazed high-fired stoneware that's lead-free and dishwasher safe. The full color designs are baked right into the surface.

And what inspiring designs they are! Everyone has seen pictures of the legendary Raising of the Flag at Ground Zero, but few have seen the image so skillfully rendered in the medium of ceramics on a collectible piece that's at once artistic, patriotic, and functional .

This item is no longer being made. The manufacturer discontinued it years ago, and made only a few to begin with. It is VERY RARE at this point!!!!!!!!!!! A Collect-a-thon Exclusive!

Collector Value : $50.00 Buy Now at : $ 14 .99 !!

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