Official Hilary Duff Fan Club Kit - Complete With Membership Card, Etc (2004)

You are bidding on a complete Hilary Duff Fan Club membership kit from around 2004. I purchased this because she's awesome and I wanted to get access to the concert pre-sales given only to members of her Fan Club. I did get nice tickets to her concert, she made eye contact with me, and it was awesome. :)
Anyway I ended up not ever doing much with the kit itself so maybe someone out there can give it a good home. Everything is included that originally came with it - the card has never been removed from the folder and neither have the dog tags and the little watch-thing. The folder is a little banged up, as is the paperwork that came with it. The mousepad and magnet frame are both really nice but the paper parts did get some damage when this was shipped out to me originally.
Still a neat out-of-print item. Bidding starts at 99 cents with no reserve!