Official Madonna ICON Fan Club Magazines - ValuePack #1

ICON Value Pack #1 = 1 each of issues 16, 17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 (10 total)

plus a FREE authentic official ICON membership card from back in the day
and a 5-pack of genuine Girlie Show World Tour backstage passes!

It wasn't easy documenting the life & times of somebody as iconic as Madonna, but it sure was one heckuva cool gig being the publisher and editor of her original official fan club publication, ICON Magazine. As one of the originating cofounders of Madonna's official fan club, for 12+ years from 1990 thru 2002 I took great pride in ICON being a true grass roots organization operated by Madonna fans, for Madonna fans. It truly was a remarkable era and I remain honored to this day in knowing that an organization such as this could only be as good as the many fine individuals from around the world comprising its membership.

Under my authority ICON Magazine ― which has long since been discontinued as a print edition by the current fan club operators ― was the preeminent publication documenting pretty much anything and everything about the diva herself. Each issue included a self-penned letter from Madonna to her fans, along with tons of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, articles and inside information from within her inner circle of closest associates.

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