Official On Tour Dennis Roberts Elvis Nautic Sunglasses

I am selling the estate of Dennis Robert's, the owner and operator of the Optique Boutique of Hollywood, Dennis was a pioneer in the Optical field and was the "only" optician to Elvis from 1970 until is death, he was the designer of all the different Elvis Sunglasses that sell on the internet, Dennis will be missed but his wonderful designs will live on...He was also very close to Elvis and sold many Elvis products, this is one of them:

You are bidding on a pair of Dennis Robert's Optique Boutique 2001 On Tour Nautic Style Elvis shades, they do not have the EP on bridge or the TCB on the hinge side, this is the basic before they would be customized by Dennis, nice metal construction, smokey blue fade lenses, and in new condition, Dennis was the official Optician to Elvis from 1970- until his death. I will be listing some one of a kind models that were made as well.