Officially Licensed Game of Thrones: House Martell Copper Star of Dorne


Pure copper Star from House Nymeros Martell, or just House Martell Struck on hand-engraved steel dies in copper Typical Dornish ship used in coastal trade and warfare on the reverse The front is the Sun and Spear of the house sigil above the Red Mountains of Dorne ~9.0 grammes, Denominated one “Star”, Appx 25 mm in diameter The “SS” at the bottom of the coin is for the SunSpear Mint

This Copper “star” is from the land of Dorne in the southern part of Westeros, undated, but it was minted circa 200, about two hundred years after Aegon I Targaryen tried to conquer all the kingdoms of Westeros under one ruler, with Dorne his only defeat. The house motto, UNBOWED, UNBENT, UNBROKEN, signifies their immense pride in being the only one of the kingdoms to join the alliance by diplomacy and marriage, rather than conquest. This piece has been struck on an unrimmed planchet of 9 grammes of .999 pure copper, about 25 mm in diameter. The hardened steel dies for this piece were designed and engraved by Arion the Wanderer.