Ohio # 040 Scrub Plane Rare!! Like Stanley # 40

I don't like to use the word rare because people use it so loosely, so when I say it I mean it. I haven't been able to find very much info on this plane so I welcome any information on this scrub plane. I did find on action web site that had one of these listed and it did confirm this to be an original Ohio # 040 scrub plane, I don't know when it was made. The cutting iron is from a german maker that I can't find any info on either but it's not original to this plane. The knob and tote are solid with no cracks or chips but the finish is coming off, they appear to be made of beech wood so i'm guessing it was made after the 1920s or so. The casting is solid with no cracks and a nice dark patina, i'd say about 85 to 90 % japanning left, the lever cap is in excellent condition. If you collect scrub planes or Ohio planes this is a very nice example of a pretty rare plane as Murlands Antique Tool Guide gives it 2 stars in the rarity category. Good luck and look at my other tools I have listed This is an example of an ohio 040 scrub plane that sold at the Martin J. Donnelly Antique Tools action

This tool will be sold at public auction on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Lot 166. A rare CAST IRON "SCRUB" PLANE, No. 040, by the Ohio Tool
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