OHME Mayonnaise Set ...Old Ivory VII....MINT! Must See!

This is another gorgeous treasure from my grandfather's estate. It is a small bowl and underplate that is called a Mayonnaise Set. It is mint! It from the Eglantine blank (or mold) and is the Old Ivory pattern VII. I emailed Alma Hillman and she said that the Roman Numeral Marking is presumed to be prior to 1900. Hermann Ohme manufactured between 1882 and 1928.

1. The small bowl is oval and measures 6" from outside handles and is 4" wide and 1 3/4" high. It is has beautiful hand painting detail that you can feel with your fingers. It is from the Eglantine blank. T is a small hole on one handle end. This was for a serving ladle that would have been used. (Ladle not included). The detailing is precise and perfect. T are no signs of use. The bottom is marked with the blue silesia mark. (See Picture) and t is some decorator marks under the mark.

2. The underplate is diamond shaped. It measures 6 5/8" from handle to handle and is 6 1/4" wide and is 3/4" high. It also has beautiful handpainting in excellent condition. It is from the Eglantine blank. It also has a small hole on one handle. The inside has a gold painted ring that is in great condition. I would say 90% of the gold is excellent, a few areas have been rubbed, but not completely gone. I would say it may have occured from the bowl sitting in the underplate for
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