OIF Blood Chit Still In Riggers Belt

The belt is still in good condition, velcro still grips. This was issued to me in 2007 while at Camp Taji training to be on a MiTT team in northern Iraq. The chit is very real and still sewn into the pouch. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck trying to find one of these. I've searched high and low. This is a unique piece of history that I can pass on with full information if may want.

I know it's a cheesy photo of me, just showing proof of ownership and it being in combat.

This is in response to a couple of people for my auction listing. They wanted a buy it now, so, here it is. Granted e-bay is making a few bucks off me, I just want to make sure the buyer and myself are under e-bay and pay pal protection.