Okaloosa Sheriff Florida Patrol Car Decals Circa 1987

I have been creating custom die cast vehicles for years. I have been asked scores of times to sell just the graphics I create. I am offering a few sets of these decals. These are wet slide decals. These are for the experienced modeler only. These decals are custom made for application to diecast or plastic surfaces. I offer no guarantee on these decals as it requires a skilled hand to apply. Application instructions:
1.carefully cut to size the decal you wish to apply.
2. dip in warm water for only a moment, remove and stand.
3. Slide image onto surface carefully.
4. smooth with damp q-tip.
5. after drying, apply a light coat of clear nail polish to seal the decal.
6. Trim if needed, like over door openings etc...after nail polish has completely dried.
Scale listed is approx. Each manufacturer of die cast and plastic cars defines scale differently. These are sold as is and the buyer understands these decals are not for the beginner.
For more information contact me at . See my other auctions for emergency vehicles already customized. Note-these are printed on clear decal paper unless otherwise noted. For black backgrounds, you will need to prep the surface with white paint first. Allow to dry, apply decal and then trim with black paint. Sounds fun huh?
due to the rising number of international buyers
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