Oklahoma River Cane Flute by Charles Frazier - Choctaw

Native American Indian

Oklahoma River Cane Flute


Choctaw Flute Maker - Charles Frazier

This NEW Oklahoma River Cane Flute was made by Charles Frazier - Native American Choctaw Craftsman from Oklahoma. Charles Frazier has been making and playing river cane flutes for many years. Charles Frazier has played Native American Flute for many Powwows and played in concert with many recognized Native American artists. He studied under the direction of Doc Tate Nevaquaya and played Flute with him on many occasions. He is recognized in Oklahoma as one of the best Native American Flute players and makers around. We sell many of his wonderful flutes in our store in Oklahoma City and to Flute Players all over the World - these flutes have received much enthusiasm and praise for their sound.

This 6 hole flute is made from Oklahoma River Cane with an decorations of soft tan leather ties. It is signed by Charles and measures 20 1/2" long x 1" in diameter. It is hand decorated with a Double Feather Design. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned flute player, you will love this flute! It is in the key of F# and has a beautiful voice - sorry, no sound clip is available.

I have other flutes available with different decorations, feathers and keys....please email me for more information.

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