New Oktava MK012-01 Condenser Microphone

Up for auction is this new Oktava MK012-01 Condenser Microphone. After recording with this mic, I had to have a back up. The sound quality is amazing and you won't want to use anything else. It is clear that at this point in my life, I don't need a second. The audio stores sell this mike from $250.00 and up. If its not everything you want in a high end condenser mike, contact me immediately, and return it in 5 days for the full selling price. Audiophiles know what a killer deal this is, and what a step up in quality this brings to the table. The one I am selling has never been used or even mounted on a stand and is pristine. I accept Paypal. Shipping (via USPS Priority mail) is $6.00 and insurance (required) is $3.00. The capsule is cardioid pattern.

I had a potential bidder ask if he were bidding on two mics. If I have left anyone with the notion I am selling both mics together, I apologize. I would be happy to let anyone out of their bid if they thought they were bidding on the two mics pictured. I am keeping the one I have used, and selling the pristine one. Sorry if I fouled anyone up.