OKUBO SILVER 950 Cigarette Case Japanese sean Mt Fuji Village Boats Antique

This is one cool peace of art! Vibrant colors of reds, greens and browns amazing engraving work. Don't know what else to say but the pictures speak for them selves! I believe if the peace was to be cleaned and polished it would glow!

YES sinned please see the picture.


I am not an expert just trying to clean up. PLEASE if you have any questions just let me know and I will do my best to answer them. I guess I need to add more what you see in the picture is all I have. None of this is my stuff LOL I study Bonsai!

I am will to ship anywhere in the world for the actual cost of shipping if you like a quote please just ask.

YUP I will combine shipping no problem!

I am starting to sell again after a long absence WOW has EBay changed. Please bare with me.

PLEASE SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS! I stuff to get rid of!