Old 1800s Sandstone mounting block,carriage steps,

What you are looking at is a very old sandstone mounting block or some say carriage steps.The stone measures 31'' x 32'' x 20" wide. This piece was used as a dismount for someone stepping off t horse , most often a female rider. The steps from pictures i have seen were normally located beside the road,in front of the house or place of business. Other uses would be for a wonderful garden setting or garden pond.Look close at the pictures and youll see some very nice what appears to be some hand carved work on this block.Please look very close at the pictures you should be able to see the textured carving i believe the texture carving could be to give traction as you use the steps not sure. This is really a nice piece.This stone will clean up wonderfully... I would guess this stone to weigh about 500 to 700 lbs give or take! The stone i dont believe is setting the way it would if it were in use. I think the bottom is vertical in the pictures. t are a couple places w the stone is chipped [ see pictures ] i dont believe any major cracks at all. This stone may be picked up at my location or I will bring the stone to you any w in the continental U.S.of A for an agreed upon amount before you buy it. If picked up locally I would arrange for a lift at the time of pick up for 75.00 and I will split the cost of the lift truck with the winning ... read more