This old vintage 1928 "Palos Verdes Bulletin" was "Published by the Palos Verdes Home Association, Palos Verdes Estates, California", and is "Volume 4....April 1928...Number 4." It measures 9" x 12" and has 8 pages. It has many photographic images of the homes already part of these exclusive estates, and has information of the architectural designs of new homes that are beginning to be built, by what architect, who the new owners will be, etc. Some of the photographic images are of : The beautiful new home of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Buchanan at lower corner of Via Del Monte and Via Somonte--The Cheny Home is also shown to the left ; The new home of Mrs. Hildegard Schreiber..Via Lazo, Malaga Cove ; The new home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Paull overlooking Gold Course..Paseo del Campo, Valamonte ; The new home of Dr. and Mrs. Ramage Via Almar, Malaga Cove (shows a 1920's auto in front), and many more..The back page lists the plans of residence and approvals, such as : " Residence for Mr. G.B. Snelgrove on Lot 1702-14---Malaga Cove..The secretary was authorized to give final approval for plans for this house to be built on Via Anita, from a design by Kirtland Cutter, Architect.." This item is in good condition, with exception of a fold line and minor wear along edging.