Old 1932 Masonic Bible Illustrated & original box

This is a great old (1932) Masonic Bible in what I think is its original box. I do not see any writing in the book. It is in very good shape, but on a couple of the pages to the front t may be a light water stain-not sure, and it is at the back of pages near w they attach into spine. It has a folded paper inside the box, and another typed paper that has the contents in the book: "Twentieth Century Large Quarto Old and New Testaments, size 9 1/2 x 11 3/4" x 2 1/2" thick, keratol binding, 22 carat gold stamping and edges that will not tarnish or discolor", " Five Symbolic Masonic plates & Masonic Records, 32 pages portraying the restoration of King Solomon's Temple and Citadel, 16 pages showing scriptural allusions and quotations in Masonic Degree work, history/facts concerning the Order of Eastern Star with quotations & references, 16 pages of history of Moses, Ruth, David & Solomon, 100 pages intro history of the bible & some religious denomninations, 863 pages of Old & New Testament with scriptural names pro9nunciation, 60 full page halftone illustrations, curious facts & intereting information on the bible with a table for practical reading, family register for births, marriages and deaths, 112 pages bible dictionary illustrated, 32 pages biblical encloypedic material including antiquities geographical & ... read more