This is a nice 1950's vintage 1 cent gumball machine that looks identical to the Ford brand gumball machines. It is made by H&W Machine Company, Inc. The machine measures 11" tall, and 7" wide. The heavy glass top has a very nice, original Kiwanis International decal. It also has a really cool fortune telling decal on the top that gives you a fortune based on the color of the gum ball you got. T is a spot on the globe w it bumped into another machine and caused a small "bruise" in the glass. You can't feel it from the outside and it doesn't affect the operation of the machine. However, as a result, this machine is being sold for almost 1/3 less than our normal sales price. The bruise won't spread but if it somehow did, we would be willing to send the buyer a new globe. The base is polished stainless steel and cleans up nicely with just a paper towel and some Windex. The metal vending mechanism works perfectly and vends one gumball for a penny every time. The machine takes a padlock that is not included. We also have some very nice, original cast iron vendor lobby stands for these machines that you can check out in my other auctions. Shipping prices slightly higher to AK and HI. This is a nice, inexpensive way to get a complete, working antique gumball machine for your game room, den, kitchen, etc. Thank you for looking.