Old 3 Red Wing Water Cooler Handles Blue Union NR!

Red Wing 3 Water Cooler Handles Blue Union
This auction is for a neat old three gallon Red Wing water cooler.
Red Wing water coolers are quite beautiful, with the dark double-blue bands at the top and bottom that give these pieces a striking appearance. Many such coolers were hand-turned with the words Water Cooler stenciled across the front. The large Red Wing logo and blue oval (which says: Red Wing Union Stoneware Co. Red Wing, MN) indicates that these coolers are from the earliest period. As time progressed and ink became more expensive, Red Wing made both the wing and oval smaller to cut costs. For would-be collectors, a good-rule-of-thumb in gauging the approximate age of crocks, jugs, churns, and coolers is by noting the size of the wing and oval stamped on the piece, with the largest wings being six inches in length. Both the logo and oval gave the consumer an instant visual connection between Red Wing products and company name. What made Red Wing unique was that almost all other pottery manufacturers used one color, such as blue on their wares. By using the colors of red and blue the company helped to distinguish itself from the competition.
The wing on this cooler is about 4 inches across. The crock itself measures approx 12 inches tall, 10.5 inches across the top, and weighs more than 15 pounds. This
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