Old 40s lighted Catholic Altar Noma Christmas light Co.

Beautiful old lighted home altar made by Noma. This is the same company that is famous for its christmas bubble lights. The altar is from the 1940s. It comes with the original box! It is missing 4 of the glass candles, otherwise totally complete. This is one of the old Noma altars, it is made of chalk. It has glass candles and a glass cross in front of the Christ figure. The Christ figure and the angles are removable. These items are normally missing or damaged from these. Aside from the missing candles it is in near mint condition, no chips or cracks. The glass cross and some of the candles are sitting lower than they should. This is because they are all placed in rubber rings. The rubber rings have started to get dry from age and no longer grip the glass like they used to. With a little bit of glue the cross and candles could be fixed to the proper heights very easily. The candles and the cross and their rubber fittings are made to be just lifted out of the altar. The entire altar is lit with a single bulb inside. It illuminates all of the glass candles, the cross, and also shines down on parts of the base and through two glass pieces on the left and right side of the base. It is beautiful when lit in a dark room. The base of the altar measures 16.25'' wide and 6'' deep. The height from the very bottom to the top of the Christ ... read more