Old 6 pack Olympia Beer cans unopened w/ plastic holder

This is an old six pack of Olympia Beer. The cans are unopened, but t is no beer in the cans. I can't tell how the beer disappeared. I'm assuming just from sitting for 30 or 40 years? (or more?). I have no idea on the age, but the original price tag shows .95c (ninety five cents). The cans are 12 oz and completely intact. No signs of rust, damage chips, etc. I've never called anything I've listed "perfect", but I'm tempted to I can find no blemishes anyw on these cans (I haven't attempted to take a can out of the holder, but I can see most of each can easily). The plastic holder is intact. The tabs are intact. I believe they are metal and not aluminum cans, or at least not what aluminum is today. T are seams on the side of the cans. Other than drinking alot of it, I'm not a beer expert. I'm mearly describing what I'm looking at. Please email with questions or request for more detailed pic's. I accept cashiers checks and money orders. Item will ship within 2 days of payment clearing. I charge only actual shipping fees. No handling fees added. I usual ship USPS but will ship UPS if it's significantly cheaper. Insurance is optional. Good luck and thank you for looking.