OLD African VOODOO Idol God Wood Carving Fetish Statue

Rare OLD African VOODOO Idol God Wood Carving Fetish Statue

Rare old African Voodoo Idol God wood carving fetish statue from an old estate---I see no maker's markings although t are some spoon carvings on the edge of the base at the back that may represent the carver. This odd fellow is sitting on a convex stool with his arms outstretched. Surrounding both of his eyes and on his cheeks are multi-colored beads.........on his forehead is a beaded fish. Also along the perimeter of his forehead are inlaid silver colored metal triangular objects that look like teeth and may actually be silver? or may be some other type of metal?? This is a very unusual statue and I'm sure he won't disappoint!! I just hope he isn't possessed or something. :) Statue is in really nice condition with no chips and only a few tight age stress cracks on the very bottom of the base...........t is a very small hole on the back of his head. Statue measures approx. 10 inches high. I have other vintage/antique items presently listed on ebay and will combine on shipping charges according to the weight of the parcel. Any white glare is flash from my camera. Low starting bid and no reserve!!

Carving came from a smoker's estate so may have an odor of cigarette smoke. Please see my other vintage items presently listed on ebay (will offer shipping discounts

Carving is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks (see pics for condition). No reserve!!

Check out my other items ! Buyers from the USA + overseas please allow 2-3 weeks for customs clearance. Buyer please contact seller within 3 days after auction end......item should be paid for within 10 days!!

I am told that this is not a "Voodoo" Idol "Voodoo" refers to Vodou, the faith of the Fon people of Benin/Dahomey. This is an Akua'ba (Akwaba) fertility doll for the Fanti/Ashanti/Akan peoples of Ghana (see Q&A below). Thanks again Beth!!

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