Old Airguide fishing barometer IN BOX - great condition

I have a very nice vintage fishing barometer up for bids and 's you chance to increase your odds at the fishing game. Whether it be for actual use or just part of your collection, this barometer is for you. Manufactured by Fee & Stemwedel Inc, Chicago, probably late 1940's to early 50's. In great working condition and in great shape too. No cracks or scratches on the plastic window or on the body. The casing is made of hard plastic, dark burgundy in color and with a ring on the top for easy attachment and handling. Measures 3 1/2" inches in circumference. Barometer comes with original box, labeled Airguide, No. 225 Fishing Barometer. Inside the lid of the box is a fishing chart showing barometric pressure and barometer action. Also included is the instructional pamphlet printed by Fee and Stemwedel, Inc.