old ammco model 500 self lubing engine cylinder hone !

this is an auction for a vintage ammco automotive engine block cylinder hone.this is the model 500 self lubricating cylinder hone and it is in used condition.this has a cylinder honing range of 2 1/2 inches to 4 1/8 inches.the pamphlet that came with it says it is the fastest hone ever pletes jobs in half the time.no flying dust because self-lubricating.provides mirror finish-guarantees longer piston ring wear.easy to operate.the hone looks to be in good shape and ready to use.most of the old stones you see in the pictures are broke or worn out and the old mechanic kept them for an emergency.you will get what you see in the pictures.this might be what you have been looking for if you do a lot of car and truck engine rebuilding and reboring.this would also work for some of the vintage motorcycles too.i am selling this as-is and being old and used.shipping will run 8.95 using the post office flat rate box.insurance is extra and available.look the pictures over closely and if you have any questions about this ammco 500 cylinder hone,please email me before you bid and i will try and answer them.thanks.jim