Old Anri Kuolt 5" or 6" Nativity Figure Angel NR

Beautiful Anri Nativity Figure, the Angel Praying Right. My *understanding* is that this is a rare discontinued example in that the Angel's wings are upswept. My understanding is that Anri now makes the Angel Praying Right with downswept wings only, so this is a real opportunity to add a rare figure to your collection. From the Kuolt collection and this figure goes with either the 5" or the 6" size [Angel's exact height is 4", can be used with either set]. A vintage piece from a very good Dallas collection and it probably dates to about the 1970s [the Kuolt Natrivity series was introduced in about 1955]. Retains its paper Anri stickers on the underside as shown and unconditionally guaranteed authentic and the afficionados will instantly recognize it as authentic. Your money [less shipping] cheerfully refunded with *no questions asked* if you buy it and don't agree that it is authentic after you see it in person. Check out the pics though, and know you aren't going to want to give it back. Excellent condition as the pics show, but please note the **damage** to the tips of both of the Angel's wings. Not really detracting, but you do of course want to be aware of it. The pics are very honest and show the condition well and you will not be disappointed in the condition of this piece. NO RESERVE and a very reasonable start. The current ... read more