Old Antique ASHCROFT Steam Engine Boiler ALTITUDE GAUGE

Offered for auction is this neat old vintage antique BRASS Bezeled GAUGE . Fresh out of an Antique Mall right in Kansas. Not certain whether this was made for a Train Locomotive / Steam Engine or Factory Application but will do our best to describe it. Bezel is made of brass, and the body of black painted steel, with glass front, gold colored metal crescent moon / circle indicator hand, a red indicator hand, and a brassy tinted silver colored metal face marked in black lettering; 0 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 70 - THE ASHCROFT Mfg. Co. - NEW YORK - REG US PAT OFF - ALTITUDE - 8670B137 . Bezel measures 6" in diameter, and exposed glass measures 4 9/16" in diameter. Back plate measures 6 3/4" in diameter. Gauge is 2 3/16" deep. We are puzzled as to how this was used?, as it does not have any indication of pipe connections?, nor does it have any holes for mounting? Condition cosmetically is very good. It appears someone has recently had this apart and painted the steel body. Otherwise, shows overall minor wear and soiling from use, storage and handling, with various small dents, dings, light scratches and scuffs to the brass bezel, but no chips, cracks or other damage that we can see. The Red hand swings freely when the gauge is moved. Likewise, the Gold hand does not always remain at '0', and it has quite a rattle (sounds like ... read more