Old Antique Masonic Knights Templar Sword 1858 Date

I recently got this sword with a bunch of others at an estate sale. I bought some reference books and checked with a few collectors (I don't know much about swords except what I learned from the books and collectors) and 's what I learned about this one:

This is a Masonic sword and scabbard from the Knights Templar. I am told it was probably made by one of the companies in Solingen Germany such as Clauberg, Kirschbaum, or Weyersberg because of the design of it. T is no maker's mark on the blade so I can't say for sure. The blade is about 28 inches long. It has a wide groove down the center. The edges have no nicks. T is no rust. Front side of the blade has some very deep etching of leafy designs with a scroll in the center that says SIR KNIGHT J.A. CARTER. The back side also has leafy designs with a crown that has a cross inside it in the middle. The metal parts of the handle are silver plated. The center of the guard has a cross on each side. The handle part is black wood. This sword is very tight with no wobble or looseness. The scabbard has plating on it that is either nickel or silver. It is etched with the same crown and cross as on the blade, with leafy designs, a Maltese cross, etc. T is a little stud on the back side instead of the rings. Around the stud it is stamped very small: PATENTED NOV. 2 nd 1858. I am told
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