Old Antique Yellow Ware Stoneware SHAKER Flint Enamel

Molded Yellow Ware
Mottled Glaze
Green Brown Yellow
Rare Ribbed Form
This shaker came from a small local auction in the Midwest. Thought the molded ribbed form, the thick glaze, and the condition was fantastic. Absolutely superb! Which is probably why I took so many pictures.
T are no chips, no cracks, no repairs to the piece. The bottom "stopper" is missing, and it definately could use a soft cleaning. I am selling this piece exactly as purchased from auction. It was filled with black pepper and t are still traces left inside and on the top.
4 3/4"H
2 1/8"base
2" Top
Earthenware/Yellow Ware Body
The thick mottled glaze is most appealing. T is some crazing to the glaze, but t is no loss nor any glaze chipping to the piece. I did my best to show the mottled swirls of deep forest greens, and rich mocha browns thickly applied especially towards to base. The bottom "pontil" is indented with a 1" band of yellow glaze. The bottom foot is the only part not glazed.
The ribbed form is most unusual. Was told this is a molded form. T are three ridges or bands as decoration around the top of the shaker and the top holes are rather small and tiny.
It feels great in the hand to hold. Comfortable. Just has a nice porous feel. Not hard and brittle.
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