Old Aspirin Tins and Bottle, start your own Collection!

This lot of aspirin tins, and one glass Bayer aspirin bottle, will certainly add to any medicine or pharmacy collection.

1 Embossed Bayer Aspirin bottle contained 24 tablets. The embossed letters read, ''The Bayer Company Div.'' along both sides of the label, both sides of the bottle. The bottle stands 21/2'' tall, has original metal lid, with original cotton ball stuck to inside of the lid. Opens smoothly, clean and odor free. The labels are in very good condition with only slight age discoloration. Sterling Drug New York. Some marking on bottom of bottle, but I cannot make it out. This is a little jewel!

2 St. Joseph 36 count aspirin tin. Great shape. The two indentations on the lid are not flaws, but the design of the lid for ease of opening. Inside the lid is printed an ad for larger sizes of this product. Back of tin is instructions. No bar code, no zip code. Plough, Inc. New York, NY & Memphis, Tenn. Very clean and odor free.

3 Anacin 12 count tablet tin. Back has instructions and a bar code. More information printed on inside lid. Comes with original paper to cover tablets, and an original coupon for Anacin products. Whitehall NY, NY

4 Bukets 12 count kidney tablets. It still displays nicely with the aspirin tins as it is the same 1 3/4'' wide. Distributed by Keller Company Mechanicsburg,
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