OLD Atlas Crystal Works Clown Snow Globe Dome NR

This snow globe is from the 1930's - early 40's I believe. It's 3 1/2" tall. The base is black pottery and is embossed Atlas Crystal Works ..... Covington Tenn. ..... U.S. Patents 234 2361245 Other Patents Pending. Amazingly the globe has at least 3/4 of the water still inside. The snow has turned a brownish color, but hasn't muddied the water & it's still nice & clear. It's also amazing that the paint on the clown that's inside remains bright and very nice. The clown is great, with a yellow costume with red bows & trim, and balck buttons. His face and hands are white. He has black eyes, a pointy nose with a red tip and a red smiling mouth. He has a blue hat with a white pom pom. The top of the pointy hat is out of the water. T are no cracks, chips or breaks and this is in very good condition.

A member of my family was murdered on May 10 leaving a widow and 3 boys age 11 - 15. A local bank has started a fund for them and I'm donating 10 % of my ebay sales to it. John met each day with joy and a gap tooth grin. We all miss him terribly. JUSTICE FOR J.W.!