We are offering an original, authentic movie program from the 1936 movie Romeo and Juliet starring Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard. Also included with this program is the Astor Theatre program for the movie and a 1936 Time magazine movie review. These items were found inside an old 30's & 40's scrapbook which is currently listed. The movie program measures 9" by 12" and is in very good condition with just slight discoloration on the covers. Romeo and Juliet was a Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie. This program sold for 25 cents. The program includes: A footnote to the filming of a classic. Pictures of the women who had played Juliet starting with Mary Anderson in 1875. Norma Shearer was the first screen Juliet. Names of the Cast. People of the Play. This has pictures of the actors and actresses and notations on their previous acting career. The story of Romeo and Juliet. Scenes from Romeo and Juliet. A story on the origin of Romeo and Juliet. A story entitled "Down Memory Lane". Found inside the movie program was another two page Romeo and Juliet program from the Astor theatre. I believe this is the one the theatre gave out. It measures 6" by 12" and is in very good condition. Again, slight discoloration from age. The front of this program has the names of "Norma Shearer" and "Leslie Howard", the name of the movie, "Romeo and Juliet" ... read more