OLD Black Slate & Marble Pillars Mantel Shelf Clock NR!

You are bidding on an antique, estimate late 1800s, black slate clock with marble pillars. This clock appears to be in the style of Ansonia, Sessions, Ingraham and D'Argent clocks and is more likely than not from one of those makers. This particular clock has no identifying marks visible on the face or through the rear door that place it with a specific maker.

The dating of the clock to 19th century is based upon the family story that the clock was purchased by my great-great grandmother in New York around that time.

The clock has its original porcelain dial. T are cracks at 1, 2:30, and 6:30 positions. T is a chip, and repair, at 10:30. The bevel glass crystal is in good condition. T is a small amount of chipping in the slate case on the right front corner, not noticeable except on close inspection. The gold leaf and white paint of the decorations is in good shape. The marble columns and trim pieces are also in good condition.

Overall width: 13 inches/33 cm

Overall height: 9 ½ inches/24.5 cm

Overall depth: 6 ¼ inches/ 16 cm

Diameter to outside of bezel: 4 ¾ inches/ 12.2 cm

Diameter of back door: 4 ¼ inches/ 11 cm

The original mechanical movement is gone. It has been replaced by a modern quartz movement with no strike. The clock works as it should and keeps time.
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