Old BRASS Coal Mining Bench Magnet MARKED Koehler

Big heavy Koehler bench magnet for opening the old MSA-approved Koehler Flame Safety Lamps. These lamps had a magnetic lock so they couldn't be easily or accidentally opened in the mine. This magnet in its brass case was to stay mounted to the work bench in the lamp shop at the mine. The magnet is still strong. It has been well used and shows wear all around. It is marked "For Bench Use Only Model 700 Koehler Lamp Magnet". On back t looks like a number, "001". These are very hard to find. in West Virginia t is always a lot of mining stuff for sale. It's easy to find a Carbide Lamp, Miner's Bird Cage, Low Vein Cap, Blaster Box, etc., but I wouldn't know w to buy another one of these at any price. The reserve is about what I paid for it--it should definitely sell. Thanks for looking.