OLD Brass Dog Nutcracker

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Antique Brass Dog English Nutcracker

This is an old heavy brass nutcracker from a collection of treasures my 87 year old Aunt has decided to part with. It is not a reproduction ... it has been in her home for at least 45 years; my Uncle bought it at an antique shop in Lawrence, Kansas. The Dog is made of Brass with the original rubbed on gold finish. (The metal does not ad to a magnate.) T are several random red spots... paint??...that according to my Aunt were t when my Uncle bought it for her. It is unmarked and held together with the original flat head screws. Both the upper and lower jaw is ridged in order to hold a nut securely; the tail "handle" works perfectly. From the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose is 10 1/2inches and the dog stands 4 1/2 inches tall ...he weighs 3pounds, 6 ounces (unpacked). The nutcracker
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