Old Brass General Fire Guard Quick Aid Fire Extinguisher

This is an old brass fire extinguisher still filled with all it's liquid. Has lots of patina from age. Has a brass label with red accents where it says General Fire Guard Quick Aid in an oval and Turn Handle and Pump in the other red area. This also says "The General Detroit Corp" and at bottom of label "Underwriters Laboratories Inc" It also has the number "M-157215" Also has the warnings and all that other good stuff and it seems to be filled with 25% carbontetrachloride also says Non-conductor of electricity VL-60 fluid is Anti-Freeze. Capacity is 1 quart. Has three patent numbers which are 2,340,471 and 2,326,861 and 2,256902. Has a bunch of other engraved writing all over the label and on top it says Safety Phlare Pump. This is pretty heavy as it's still completely filled with it's liquid. A really cool addition to any fire extinguisher collection and would also look awesome in a country kitchen!