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is a vintage military ship's bell/alarm .. probably from the Vietnam years. I've had these bells before and they are EXTREMELY LOUD. This one is in very good condition .. the electric line has been nipped away because this is marine salvage .. it will work when re-wired. The brass bell has been hand polished and measures 8 1/4" across .. it stands 5 1/2" high/off the bulkhead when mounted. It weighs 10 pounds net. This type bell has a powerful piston (see photos 3 and 4) that hammers the bell multiple times per second. When you rewire it .. you will want an integral in-line ON/OFF switch. See the disc in photo #6 for electric information and manufacturer name. If you want a loud bell .. you won't be disappointed Email if any questions.

Shipping USA: This can fit in the flat rate box $8.60 with delivery confirmation. The rates will be much more out of the country although I will send at actual postal cost .. email for quotes, options.