Old Brown Pottery Bowl Southern Salt Glaze Pebbled

Old Brown Pottery Bowl Southern Salt Glaze Pebbled

Old Brown Pottery Bowl Salt Glaze Pebbled Two Tone Runs

This bowl stands about 5 1/2" tall at the rim and is about 8 1/2" wide. T is a rolled rim to the bowl. Inside is a tan color with one spot that has a bit of shiny glaze dripped in. T is crazing to the inside, several drip runs and one hairline crack from the rim to about 1 1/2" inside, does not go through to outside.

The outside is rather an umber / brown color looking like a combination of brown, orange and hint of salmon. It has a pebbled finish that is enhanced by the orange peel effect of the salt glaze. T are some runs / drips w the salt glaze has built up and the color goes to off white t Under magnification you can see some slight crazing w the glaze is built up.

Over all this is a lovely although undated piece of Southern Americana pottery.

Other than as noted in the description t are no chips, cracks or breaks.

Brown / Umber Bowl Southern Pottery Salt Glazed

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