Old Brunton Compass with K & E Leather Case, Ainsworth

This is an older Brunton Compass or Pocket Transit, but is in excellent working condition. It was probably made in the 1940's or 50's before they started damping them. I prefer this type because newer ones used plastic parts rather than metal. Also, damping restricts the swing of the needle and they sometime stick in very cold weather, so it is easier to tell if it is working properly. It was made by William Ainsworth & Sons in Denver, Colorado. This company made high quality scientific instruments for many decades but went out of business about 15 years ago. The Brunton is the 360 degree type which most geologists prefer to use. New ones cost considerably more than $200 and are not nearly as well made as this old one. The case was made by Kueffel and Esser. It is good used condition and has a belt loop on the back. Because of lighting my photos show the color of the Brunton as a brown, but it is actually gray. Shipping to Canada same as to U.S., to Europe, Japan, or Australia shipping is $10.00. Please do not bid if you will not follow through with the purchase. Thanks.