Old Carved Native American Indian Burl Canoe Cup

Up for auction is a rare, simple carved Native American Indian Canoe Cup made from a hollowed out burl of wood (probably ash).

The cup has an integral handle (to ease scooping up of water) and a leather thong with toggle (to attach to clothing - keeping the cup at hand and preventing it getting lost overboard).

The exterior was preserved with varnish and the interior was left natural, typical of canoe cups from the end of the 19th century.

Canoe cups were made by the Eastern North American Natives. Tribes of the Wabanaki (Algonquian-speaking) and the Hurons (Iroquoian-speaking), were the first Indians to carve canoe cups.

Unlike most other collectibles, no two canoe cups are exactly alike as they were dependent on the natural shape of the burl and the desire of the whittler .

T are a few chips along the rim of the cup because of the thinness of the edge of the bowl. The cup has a beautiful patina with some wear of the varnish in the grooves of the burl.

This cup was purchased in Eastern Ontario and I believe it to be an authentic, genuine Indian canoe cup. A 14 day full money back guarantee is offered so the purchaser can have the item authenticated.

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