Old Child's roll top desk with matching chair, MAPLE


Child's Wooden Roll Top Desk


Matching Chair

Partial label on the back of the desk says:




Chair is marked under seat #509

Desk drawer is marked #501 (just the down line of the 9)

Used but not abused

appears never to have been refinished

I played with a desk like this when I was a child, 1940's and 50's. It was my sister's from the 1930's. When I was told this desk was from the 1930's I felt that the information was correct and this is a 1930's desk.


26.5" to bottom of desk writing surface

26.5" wide

24"w x 14" deep writing surface

4 pigeon holes 3.5"w x 4" d

1 pigeon hole 5.25"w x 4"d

13" roll top wood

14.25"w leg space

Carved finger space to open roll top, I opened and closed it with one hand tonight

Two drawers on the right side, 8"w x 12.5"d x 5.5"l, both have wooden pulls


Back legs are continuous and run straight up the back to form the back of the chair, 27"

11.50" x 11.50" formed seat on chair

Seat of the chair is 21" from the floor

4 support bars are between the legs

Chair is approximately 26" tall

This is a beautiful desk and looks like the one
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